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We Are Linear Space

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We Send Performance and Quality into Orbit.

In 2006, Linear Space Technology was formed specifically to address the flight segment for linearizers, linearized driver amplifiers, and solid state power amplifiers. LST is at the same location as Linearizer Technology, and we share equipment and staff resources as necessary. However, LST maintains fully separate inventory, clean room manufacturing, MRB, and inspection locations to insure rigorous space-level tracking, documentation, and manufacturing.

Our Heritage is your Dependability

Linear Space Technology (LST) is the premier supplier of high reliability linearization technology and space qualified hardware, with over two decades of pioneering linearization technology for terrestrial and space applications. LST has delivered 98 linearizer and linearizer-related products onto 4 active on-orbit spacecraft. Our products have amassed over 4.7 million hours of anomaly-free on-orbit heritage. Our products have amassed over 6 million hours of anomaly-free on-orbit flight time.

Flexible and Independently Owned

LST is a small, independently owned and operated firm specializing in the solution of problems involving non-linearity at microwave frequencies, and the production of related satellite hardware. LST has a 21,000 sq. ft. facility that supports both R & D and manufacturing, and is conveniently located in the Princeton Region of New Jersey. This facility incorporates the entire manufacturing process from RF/microwave/millimeter-wave research and development through to the production phase. The facility includes a microwave, electrical and environmental/ vibration test area, a class 10,000 clean room with wire-bonding, ribbon welding, die attach, and microelectronic assembly capabilities, compliant to MIL-PRF-38534. LST facilities have the capability to make vector measurements beyond 70 GHz. All assembly personnel are trained and certified to the NASA solder standard. A computer network with an array of PCs is available for both office and engineering needs. LST engineers have developed a number of proprietary programs for the analysis and design of linearizers. These are used in conjunction with commercial software to meet their design needs.

Ready to Work

LST maintains a close relationship with subcontractors in printed circuit board design, prototype machining, and various electronic parts manufacturers. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and hold to MIL-STD-883 in a lean production environment.

Problem-Solving Team Oriented to New Solutions

LST has the staff, test facilities and research background to resolve distortion problems due to all forms of non-linearity. Our state of the art in-house facilities accommodate work from dc up through millimeter wave frequencies and photonic applications. Over the past 12 years, our primary R & D experience has been in the development of predistortion linearizers using passive and active devices, and more recently digital techniques. We also have experience with feed forward, feed back and other forms of linearization. We have a highly experienced system analysis group that has developed proprietary software to assist in the design and test of linearizers, and to evaluate the potential benefits from linearization.